Nick Byrd is our regular preacher and has been with us since August of 2021. Nick is married to Melissa and has two sons, Chris & Tyler. Nick's full-time job is a realtor. Nick preaches every Sunday morning and at the first Sunday evening service of the month.

Glen DaCosta preaches at the second Sunday evening service of the month.

A variety of visiting preachers present at the remaining two Sunday evening worship services of the month.

If there is a fifth Sunday of the month, we have a singing/devotional for that evening service.

  1. Bible Study
    10/5/22 07:00pm
  2. Bible Classes
    10/9/22 09:00am
  3. Worship Services
    10/9/22 10:00am
  4. Worship Services
    10/9/22 05:00pm
  5. Bible Study
    10/12/22 07:00pm
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